How we started started in 2018

🌱 The Resilient Journey of McGowans CBD Store Ltd: Empathy, Endurance, and Empowerment 💪🏻

✨ Founders' Tale: A Family's Triumph Over Chronic Illness💪🏻
Established in 2018 by Kyle and his mum, Julie McGowan, McGowans CBD Store Ltd has a deeply personal origin. Both founders, grappling with chronic illnesses and neurodiverse conditions, discovered life-changing relief through CBD. This transformative experience became the catalyst for a mission – to extend this relief to others.

🌈 Beyond Business: A Journey of Personal Transformation
For over five years, McGowans CBD Store has been more than a business; it's a haven for those seeking solace from various health conditions. Kyle and Julie's firsthand understanding fuels their commitment to providing genuine support and effective CBD solutions.

🚀 Overcoming Challenges: Banned but Unbroken 💪🏻
The journey hasn't been without hurdles. Facing bans on Facebook posts and marketing restrictions in Devon, McGowans CBD Store has weathered opposition since day one. Despite reports and challenges, the passion to help others has kept them resilient.

👥 Silent Successes: Helping Hundreds Against All Odds 💪🏻
Banned from sharing on Facebook and all socials, McGowans CBD Store relies on word of mouth and genuine testimonials to share their success stories. The ban from marketing for over five years hasn't deterred their mission – they continue to touch hundreds of lives annually, addressing a myriad of health conditions.

💚 A Sanctuary of Support: More than Just CBD 💚
McGowans CBD Store isn't just a shop; it's a sanctuary of support. Their ban-defying journey is a testament to the healing power of CBD, and their commitment to helping others remains unwavering.

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Join the journey of resilience, empathy, and empowerment at McGowans CBD Store – where every story is a triumph! 🌿 #McGowansCBD #CBDJourney #EmpowerWellness

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